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  • solcjoye


    Sorry if this has been answered before (did not see on search) but I’d like to try and find a simple way to show ALL comments automatically when a post is viewed instead of having to click on the comments link. Thanks,


    Kenneth John Odle


    This is a WordPress setting, not a theme setting.

    Go to Settings >> Discussion and untick the box marked “Break comments into pages with…”



    This does not seem to change anything. Though it is good to know that it is not a THEME issue, but rather a WP issue. Any other possible areas to try and look at to fix this? It seems odd that I am one of the few that would want the comments to automatically show vs. having to click on the link…



    Which comment link you have to press before getting all comments? A screenshot would be helpful to understand the issue. If you’re talking about comments not appearing on archives, no, they simply don’t show up there.




    So, as in the screen shot from above, I’d like the comments to show automatically instead of the “3 Comments” link where it then expands to show all the comments. Because this is a site for my students to peer review each others work, the comments should show automatically so that they can see them as soon as they load the page…



    Kenneth John Odle


    Link to your site?

    Are you using any plugins that affect comments?



    Site is not live yet, it is behind the Maintenance plugin… but here is a list of the couple plugins I have active:



    Blog in Blog

    BP Group Management


    BuddyPress Template Pack

    GD Star Rating


    Rating-Widget Plugin



    Try deactivating Blog in Blog plugin and see if the problem goes away.

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