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  • jamilla


    Hi Syahir,

    I’ve noticed you have the twitter widget and options for social media buttons on posts & pages, however it seems that without the option for posts to be auto tweeted or shared on facebook, we still have the requirement for a plugin.

    Can you look into whether you could have the options to post to twitter / facebook included in posts – with URL shorteners for twitter…

    I’m currently using tweet this, however could do away with the plugin all together if this option is added.




    Kenneth John Odle


    I just addthis for social sharing. You go to their website, sign up, get the code, and add it to the social sharing section of Graphene options. You get stats, access to just about social networking site, and it doesn’t interfere with anything else on my blog.

    Try it! It works great.




    Hey Ken,

    Sorry I probably didn’t explain myself properly.. What I meant was for the wordpress site to auto post when publishing a post.. Not for people sharing it..

    I would use addthis, but if I do this, I still require another plugin for the auto-post, hence why I’m using the tweet this which does both for me..

    Any thoughts..




    Kenneth John Odle


    I see. Have you checked the WordPress Plugin Repository to see if there is something similar to what you want? (The key to searching the repository is finding the right keywords, so persistence is needed.)




    Hi Ken,

    Yep but hoping to not use a plugin.. Since there is already some integration to social media, thought this is the way to go – as so many people are now looking to ‘auto post’


    Jami 🙂

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