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    Hi guys!

    I understood how to remove the image grey border

    .entry-content img{
    border:0px solid #e3e3e3;

    …but it doesn’t work with author’s image url

    How can I remove them?



    Kenneth John Odle

    .author-entry .avatar {
    border: none;



    If the above solution did not work – try this – based on an old suggestion from Prasanna.

    Create a new css class called no-image-border. Use a pair of divs in the html to enclose any image which needs no image border.

    Put the following CSS in the graphene-child/style.css

    .no-image-border .entry-content img, .no-image-border .child-page img {

    border: none;


    Insert opening and closing div commands in the html as follows

    <div class="no-image-border">

    normal html for image(s)


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