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  • gelgen


    I noticed that the author page is located at

    It doesn’t seem very secure to so divulge the WP user IDs. Wouldn’t it be better if this were attached to the User Nickname? I had to manually, through PHPmyAdmin, change this info in the Nicename field.



    I don’t think these are user id’s… but rather the page or post id wordpress uses to differentiate between posts/pages.

    If you would like to switch this to something more “user friendly”, go to your admin panel, then click “Settings” on the left, and then click “Permalinks”.

    I use the third option down “Month and Name”, however the choice is yours.



    This comportment happens only in relation to pages listing the posts for each author;they are generated by the Theme. My permalink structure is already set to y/m/d/post-title.


    Syahir Hakim


    Those author links are actually generated by WordPress, not the theme. I’m afraid there’s not much we can do on the theme’s side. Try asking in the support forum.

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