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    After setting up a new user and then editing their details (such as adding a picture and bio), their author page doesn’t work properly until their first post (and breaks again if I delete all of their posts). In this case, no picture or any author details are shown. It then shows the latest posts from a different user.

    Although this sounds like a strange need, it makes sense for my site. When I am bringing on a new contributor, I want to first have their author page set up and let them review it prior to them posting publicly.

    Example (no posts):

    Example (working with posts):

    Is this a wordpress or graphene issue or is something unique about my set up? Is there an easy fix? Other than creating a fake post (it would then be a bit of a pain to hide it).



    Kenneth John Odle


    As far as I know, WordPress doesn’t show author info unless they have written a post. There are a couple of workarounds, however.

    First, there is the “Show Authors Without Posts” plugin, which you can find here.

    Second, you could create a custom page for each author and then use Kalin’s Post List plugin to list all their posts below it. For people who don’t like the styling options available with the usual author page, this may be the ticket. I like this plugin enough that I wrote a tutorial for it, which you can read here.

    Good luck,




    Hmmm, the Show Authors plugin seems to have no effect. I just installed it, networked activated it and nothing changed. There appeared to be no settings page and no other instructions on the plugin site. You would think there would be a one line function or even a wordpress check box to fix this.

    Kalin’s plugin looks interesting, but seems like it will take some hours to understand and incorporate it, so I will leave that for another day.

    In the meantime, I think I will just predate, uncategorize and noindex/nofollow a blank post for new authors to effectively hide it.


    Kenneth John Odle


    “Show Authors” doesn’t have any settings. It just forces WP to show the author’s page even if they don’t have any posts.

    Kalin’s plugin is far easier to use than it looks. And it’s very useful, not just for authors’ pages, but for a lot of everything. I highly recommend it. (You would, however, need to create either a tag or a category for each author.)

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