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    I have authors who do not have a Gravatar account. I was able to add their photo to their individual author page, but I cannot add a URL to the “Author Profile Image” box on their respective user pages. It just defaults to a Gravatar URL, and since they don’t have a Gravatar account, the thumbnail image that appears on their posts is the default blank Gravatar image. Here’s an example:

    Is it possible to get an author’s image to appear in the thumbnail if they don’t have a Gravatar account?

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    Here’s an update to this. My authors have now created a Gravatar account and uploaded an image, an example of which is here: This image is being pulled and displayed on the Author page; however, the thumbnail of this image is still not being displayed on the index page of the blog or next to any of the individual posts. Example:


    Syahir Hakim


    If you disable the Jetpack plugin does it show? Also, you might want to try uploading a bigger photo on Gravatar, and see if that fixes it.

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