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    I want to change the “posted by” and date (inline) location in the excerpt from under the title to be the first line before the excerpt and the paragraph starts on the second line.

    The “posted by” and “date” line will be aligned with the thumbnail.

    here’s the pic showing what i would like to do:

    Thank you.



    anyone? help?



    found this on the wordpress forum but didn’t figure out how to apply it on the graphene theme


    Kenneth John Odle


    You might be able to do this with a graphene action hook widget area, the php widget plugin, and using the_author() and the_date()



    Installed a php widget and activated graphene_post_date action hook… after that I’m walking blind :-/


    Kenneth John Odle


    In that action hook, add a php widget.

    In that php widget, add


    See if that shows up. Then you can work on styling it appropriately.



    Thanks Kenneth for your reply,

    I tried all these action hooks but didn’t get results:






    I can get around it and just move the author and date to the left than place some social icons on the right using the poste_date action hook but when I float left, the date always precedes the author as if it has a higher hierarchy.

    Moving the author and date to the left is a good solution. But how to place the author as postion 1 and date as position 2?

    I know the answer is in front of my nose but I can’t see it :-/

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