at change of a widget of a cellar the subject in the field of a cellar deteriorated

  • PaulN


    apparently on a site the lower part of a subject increased on width of the screen. so shouldn’t be. how it is correct to correct this mistake?




    looked on the Internet still for sites on the subject Graphene and understood that a problem at many, besides that they consider that and there should be here an example: well and also and at me

    though actually should be so:

    strange story…. whether there are at whom offers how to clean this mistake?


    Syahir Hakim


    If you change the language to the default English language, does the problem still occur? Just to determine if it is caused by the Russian translation file.



    unfortunately the translation into English of a subject didn’t give positive results. I think that it something in other. As there was a subject change after put a widget a top of comments in the bottom panel.



    Can try to change width of a cellar in the field of installation of the size of a cellar?



    Strange story, yesterday started to establish graphine mobile and after installation the cellar rose on the size in norm. the subject can be closed

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