[ASK] how to not activate Leave a Reply on the menu bar

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    I do not understand how to remove the leave reply on the menu bar as shown below




    Please Help Me

    Prasanna SP


    Add this to Custom CSS

    #reply-title {
    display: none;

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    im so sorry because im nubi from here,im go foe my css



    im go my cpanel or wp-admin for edit custom css???


    Syahir Hakim


    WP Admin > Graphene Options > Display > Custom CSS.



    apologize in advance, I’m not confused where to go to add custum css



    thank you in advance to the moderators and developers on the tutor but in this case I want to remove it all like the picture below marked X


    Prasanna SP


    Go to Graphene Options -> Comments Options and select Disabled for pages. You can completely disable the comments as well.



    whether it will eliminate all existing comments or just in the menu bar I want???

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