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    Thanks for the Graphene Theme for WordPress. Works fine for me, except for a strange behavior.

    Please look at the site Though in French, it should be easy for you to orientate yourself:

    It has three pages in the main menu :

    * Actualit├ęs (News), which I have parameted to show Articles. It is working fine

    * L’auteur ; which is working fine

    * L’ouvrage ; which shows the page, but is also showing of the first (and only) article I have written.

    At first, I didn’t understand why the article appeared above my page “L’ouvrage”. Then I understood, after looking around menus,that this is parameted under the WordPress menu : Appearance > Graphene Options

    So I was able to put the slideshow below the page. But I still have a couple of things I haven’t been able to parameter:

    * above the slideshow with the article on page “L’ouvrage” (which is the landing page of the site), there is a summary of the article, so this is a double display of the article. I just want to keep the slideshow, not the summary above, but haven’t found out how to deactivate one without deactivating the other.

    Thank you in advance for the answers.

    * the slideshow with articles doens’t appear on page “L’auteur”, and I would like it to appear here, like on other pages.

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