archive results background gradient does not work in IE

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    Id like to ask for help – archive bg gradient does not work in IE

    I set colours (black->yellow) in graphene options page – everything works just fine in FF and G Chrome, but in IE9 there is not gradient just blue rectangel … does anybody know how to solve this or at least change the color for IE to something different than blue?

    thanks a lot




    IE! really? I don’t think IE can support gradients.

    Did you know how much developers/designers hate IE?



    yep I know that IE is probably the most hated browser – but anyway, any idea.. how can I solve it? dont need gradient – just different color than this blue .. it really does not fit to my color scheme 🙁

    even if I set left gradient color same as right .. in IE still just blue 🙁



    Try this custom CSS,

    .cat-desc {
    background: #123456 !important;



    Prasanna thank you for your advice, but unfortunately it does not work 🙁

    if I understand properly I should add this css to my child theme style.css ? nothing happened

    any other idea please ?

    thank you




    Okay, that code was to change Category Archive description background. Try this instead,

    .page-title, .cat-desc {
    background: #123456;

    If the code doesn’t work in child theme style.css, try adding that in Graphene Options –> Display –> Custom CSS.



    thank you – adding that to custom css in graphene options works just fine

    so there is no option to get the gradient work in IE … not even option to have gradient in FF and Chrome and plain color backgrnoud in IE ? … so gradient options are just useless?

    thank you once more




    Gradient Options are not useless, but IE.


    Kenneth John Odle


    +1 to Prasanna.

    Of course, IE isn’t totally useless: you can always use it to download Firefox.



    Ha.. Haa.. Good one! 🙂

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