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  • uzupan


    I found this web page last night, I thought I would share it. Graphene is a great theme and I love it but I had to roll back to Graphene 1.9.1 because the update Graphene 1.9.2,for what ever reason, played havoc with several of my plugins. If it was only one plugin I would have worked around it but this was not the case. I hope this helps you.


    Kenneth John Odle


    @uzupan: I understand your frustration with these compatibility issues, but this is not necessarily the best way to handle it.

    @Everybody: here’s why:

    You don’t have to upgrade every time WordPress or Graphene update. You can even roll back to an older version if you encounter issues.

    However, if you have issues, it is far better to figure out what is causing those issues and solving those problems, rather than reverting back to an older version. Updates don’t just add extra features or changes to the appearance; they often are important bug fixes and security patches.

    Not upgrading leaves your site vulnerable to security issues. Working together to figure out what is causing these issues makes for a better, stronger, more secure theme. If not, you face the very real possibility that as upgrades are made to WordPress and Graphene, they will become less and less compatible with your plugins (and eventually, your server configuration, because your webhost is—hopefully—also making upgrades behind the scenes). The longer you wait to figure out these compatibility issues, the more difficult and intractable they become.

    You can help us make things better by

    • Including a link to your site
    • Telling us which version of WordPress and Graphene you are running
    • Telling us which plugins you are using (and versions—or at least, last update)
    • Describing what behavior your are seeing and how it varies from what you are expecting (You would be surprised how often people leave out one or both of these. Saying “it doesn’t work” is not saying much at all.)


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