Appearance of the Navigation Menu Arrows are Weird

  • louwie


    Looking around this forum I first saw the post and followed the link Syahir posted So following the instructions in this tutorial I was able to create the menus I wanted to create. However, the drop down arrows don’t appear to be working correctly or as how they demo outlines it should.

    It’s hard for me describe what’s going one but I’ll try. I have 3 layers of menus. When you navigate to the 3rd layer, the 3rd layer appears overtop of the 2nd layer. It doesn’t slide over and sit beside the 2nd layer. It doesn’t behave like the Layout and Formatting>>Columns>>One-Column. Mine behaves like One-Column is placed over Columns and you cannot click on Columns.

    I know this is tough to imagine, I would place a link on here put it’s password protected I can open it up to certain people if they can help me out.

    Thanks in advance


    Syahir Hakim


    Try go to Graphene Options > Display > Navigation Menu Display Options. What’s the value that you have for the “Dropdown menu item width” option? If there’s any value, try deleting that value and leave it empty. If it is empty, try entering 200.



    Yes, very confusing.

    You can email info here.




    I’m so upset that I didn’t try that first. thanks for the reply. I changed it to 0 and it’s behaving like it should now. Thanks again! Feel free to close this.


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