(Apparently) Strange Checklist Question

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    This isn’t really a Graphene issue, but I thought you might know: I’d really love to have a checklist page for users…..to turn this page into something that someone can visit, check a couple of things off, then visit the next week (or whenever) and see what they have and haven’t done, and check off more.

    I know how to make a checklist that comes to me; I want one that will be particular to each user, and have a cookie so that it retains their info. When I search “web checklist for users”, I get a billion hits, none of them about this. Any suggestions?

    Many thanks!



    A simple search 😉 http://wordpress.org/plugins/tags/checklist brings up http://wordpress.org/plugins/frontend-checklist. Which uses cookies to remember users input.



    brilliant. thanks so much.

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