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    In addition to my regular website I would like to create an app for my website to be submitted for android and iphone.

    I tried several plugins, although most create their own mobile version of the website (joe mobile, wiziapp and the like).

    Do you know any websites which support this to create apps using the mobile theme?

    Would there be a ‘mobile’ link or custom link created? For example, or

    Is there such an option to do this with Mobile neo theme?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Syahir Hakim


    I am not aware of any plugin or software that can take any mobile website and turn it into an app while retaining the looks and functionality of the mobile website. Unless of course if that app is just a web browser.

    There is also no direct link to get the mobile version of the site. There is a link to switch between the desktop and mobile view, but there isn’t a subdomain/subfolder link like you suggested.

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