Anywhere I place a text widget, it wants to link to a specific page

  • jasoncunningham


    Hey guys. Weird problem here:

    I have placed a text widget in a few places on my site. I used it for the autoresponder web form on my sidebar, but it wants to link to this specific page.

    Is this error on the part of my autoresponder’s code?

    Please help me get the text widget to stop linking to this page.




    I’m not sure what you’re asking. I don’t see any autoresponder form in your sidebar. I would imagine any autoresponder form is going to use some type of php code.

    Text widgets are intended solely for plain text and html.

    You will need a PHP widget to run PHP code.

    Sorry if this doesn’t help… but it sounds right to me 😉



    Hey Josh, figured it out.

    I guess I didn’t close the tag in the text widget properly, so the linked image was causing a bunch of other widgets to link as well (duh).

    Nevertheless, thanks for your quick response!

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