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  • vijayp4you


    Hi sir,

    I am one of the big fan of your theme. i have brought graphene mobile neo as well.

    Please come up with new features in desktop theme


    in-build breadcrumbs [now i am using wordpress seo to get it t]

    provision to add google ads at middle of the page

    decrease site load time like swift theme

    making it more seo friendly

    images loading

    rendering javascript problem few more in google speed test


    and i have seen many problems with main css file with total cache it is also showing in google speed test showing

    Add additional and new functionalities.

    with mobile neo we are getting responsive look but in desktop can we get responsive look?


    Kenneth John Odle

    in desktop can we get responsive look?

    Not really. This would require a complete redesign of the theme.



    he can release in the name of other name with more features na

    a responsive theme for both desktop and mobile.



    what about new functionality that are going to come with respect to seo.

    1. i think one more can be added like changing color of container border color and shadow in colors section. just a suggestion.

    2. Breadcrumb can be added

    3. google pagespeed many problem. rendering blocked scripts and image problems



    Kenneth John Odle


    Graphene is already fairly SEO friendly.

    There are numerous plugins to add breadcrumbs.

    rendering blocked scripts and image problems

    I don’t have this issue on any of my sites. These are probably unique to your site. Feel free to post specific details in the Support section of this forum for assistance.



    please check it once

    is my site name

    main problem with rendering blocking script


    Kenneth John Odle


    As I said, please feel free to open a new thread in the “Support” sub-forum.

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