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    I’m running WP 3.2.1 and Graphene 1.4.1, with a heavily (well, for me anyway!) modified child theme. The site is still in development, so it’s not out there for the public to see yet, so I’m thinking this may be a good time to upgrade both WP and Graphene.

    First, in what order should I update?

    Second, when I update the theme will my child theme still work properly?

    The URL, if you’re interested, is




    Well, you are doing great if you already have a child theme!

    1. I don’t think it really matters, but I’d update graphene first. Make sure all your customizations are in your child theme and you should be good. You might need to reupload any custom header image and background image when you update graphene… but this is to be expected.

    2. Once everything is working good with the graphene update, then go ahead and update wordpress. The wordpress update appears mostly cosmetic, but there is also some functional adjustments.

    You want to be careful about using older plugins which may not be compatible with wordpress 3.3. But, there is no way of really knowing until you do the update and see if anything “breaks”.

    So, go ahead and do your updates, and post back here if you have any problems whatsoever. Or to let us know everything was successful πŸ™‚



    Thanks a ton Josh! I’ll follow your recommendations and update the post when I’m done.

    I have a meeting today with the site colaborators, so I’ll wait until *after* that meeting to do these upgrades… πŸ™‚



    Maybe I’m just not seeing it, but where do I find the list of updates to Graphene 1.5.6?



    If you download the zip file onto your computer rather than installing it through the admin; you can extract it to your desktop and read the changelog file included within the folder.



    Thanks Josh; reading the changelog now, upgrading soon!



    Ok! Updated the theme, no issues! Updated WP, no issues! Good to go!

    Thanks for the fantastic theme and all your help so far, Syahir; and thanks Josh for convincing me that this update was going to be painless. πŸ™‚



    Haha… well, you have obviously had some experience with updates not doing what they are supposed to do. Been there before.

    I was certainly hesitant before “hitting” the upgrade now button for wordpress 3.3. I sat and looked at it for a good five-minutes before finally “taking the leap”.

    Glad everything is a go for you!!

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