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    First of all, sorry for my bad english. And I want to specify that I am a newbie in WordPress and all this kind of things!

    I truly like this theme, and I can’t believe it’s free! Before discovering it, I was to buy this one:

    I like more Graphene for several things, but I still prefer the slider of Traction, mainly because I would like more to give to my followers the possibility to know what the slider contains without having to click all the small circle buttons.

    Could you make this alternative to the Graphene slider?

    If not, is there anything I can do to make something like the Traction “Featured Articles” panel? It would be just perfect! <3



    You can always disable the graphene slider, and then use any slider you like via a custom action hook. You can find out more about using action hooks from Ken’s very informative article here:



    Thanks, Josh!

    For little things like text and images is quite easy to do, but when the slider uses jQuery and all that advanced stuff, I don’t know if I can past everything in a Text Widget…



    Well, most sliders rely on shortcodes to display the slider. I have noticed sometimes the behavior of a widget is slightly different than that of a page or post content.

    If the slider provides a shortcode, simply insert that into your text widget and see what happens.

    Alternatively, sometimes a slider plugin will allow you to add it’s php code to display it wherever you like in your template.

    Download a plugin allowing PHP widgets, and post the slider php into the php widget (sorry for all the php’s).



    I have to say that is an amazing looking slider! I would love to see Graphene have more options to styles of the slider!

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