An Email link (box) has appeared at bottom of all my post pages

  • ljfent


    Was there a theme update recently, that would cause my site to break ( the theme was deactivated and re-activated and it came back ) and also a number of settings (colors, background, etc.) changed?

    I like the changes for the most part; however, I noticed that it is automatically adding an email link / box to the bottom of all posts/categories, and it is displaying an email address that is different the one currently in my wordpress settings.

    Can I remove this “large” email box / link at the bottom of posts? And/or set the email address that is used to the correct one?



    Syahir Hakim


    Ah, you meant the author bio. Yes, you can turn it off via Customizer > Graphene: Display > Posts Elements > Hide author bio.



    Thank you!

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