Amending image and content layout on category page

  • rodeboy


    I’m sure is staring me in the face, but on my page

    I wish to get rid of the grey border around the images, and in addition put the text vertical alignment in the middle. I know how to do this on pages/posts but just can’t find the right place to do it for the category page.

    Many thanks in advance.

    Regards, Chris


    Kenneth John Odle


    Moved to Support.

    For the images, try this custom CSS:

    img.attachment-thumbnail {border:none;}

    Not quite sure what you mean by the other bit.



    Brilliant, efficient as ever Kenneth (sorry I didn’t put in Support)

    Just looking to put the text in the middle (not top or bottom) like the actual posts are, where I would click on ‘Middle’ for vertical alignment in cell properties.

    Hope that this is clear.

    Thanks again, Chris


    Kenneth John Odle


    Those excerpts are each wrapped in their own <div>. They are not part of a table, so there is no vertical alignment. There’s no way that I know of to control the vertical alignment.

    Tables are problematic for a variety of reasons. They should be used to display tabular data, but not for page layout.



    Thanks Kenneth, it’s not vital! I appreciate you taking the time to consider.

    Have a good day,



    Kenneth John Odle


    There is probably a way to do this, but it would involve creating a child theme with a separate category template, with a tweak to the code to adjust the margin on top and bottom. How comfortable do you feel creating a child theme and playing around with some PHP?



    Now that I’ve put some content on the posts I think it looks okay now. When there was just the one line it looked like the text had floated to the surface, leaving too much empty space.

    I’m happy.

    Thanks very much though,


    P.S. I know that the pictures aren’t quite right, I need to take some more and will then upload those on to the site.

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