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    Standard WordPress does not provide the option to create manual excerpts for pages (only for posts)..

    This page suggests the following small change to functions.php which enables manual excerpts for pages

    add_action ('init','theme_init');
    function theme_init()

    I added that code at the end of the grapheme theme-functions.php and it successfully enables manual excerpts for pages.

    Could you make this a standard feature of graphene?


    Syahir Hakim

    Could you make this a standard feature of graphene?

    No, simply because for the majority of WordPress (and by extension, the theme) users will have no need for this. If there are, WordPress will have added it by default themselves.

    But as you have figured out, it’s relatively easy to add yourself. Just make sure you place it in your child theme’s functions.php file instead of editing any of the theme files. That way you’ll be able to retain the modification when you update the theme.



    I must ask why you say no to this Syahir?

    Your ‘Slider’ allows for users to feature pages, you even encourage it the the description:

    Enter ID of posts and/or pages to be displayed, separated by comma.

    Source: /wp-admin/themes.php?page=graphene_options

    If a user wants to format how the page will show up on the slider the need the ability to edit its excerpt.

    I agree with you that the the majority of WordPress does not need this, however for your theme it would be a great add-on to allow creators to make better sites!


    Syahir Hakim


    Features are always a double-edged sword. Each added feature comes at a price, sometimes on the UI/UX, sometimes on the user-friendliness, sometimes on performance.

    In this case, adding manual excerpt to Pages by default will have these effects:

    1. For every page, an additional database row is added in the database, which for the majority of the users will never be used.

    2. Users will likely think that manual excerpt for pages is a standard feature of WordPress. In the chance that they switch themes in the future, they’ll be baffled with the disappearance of this “standard” feature.

    Item 2 above is called “theme lock-in”, which means putting up barriers on blog owners from changing themes, which is something that the Theme Review Team at the Theme Repository is not keen on allowing. Since every theme has to go past their scrutiny, it’s likely that this feature, and hence the theme, won’t be accepted. (And they do reject a lot of themes all the time.)



    That being said I totally understand your reasoning… Now people just need to convince to make it a standard.

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