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  • rodeboy


    Can someone point me in a direction or advise please?

    I have built a website on for a customer. He will be putting out a couple of posts per week and has asked if this is something he can do without troubling me. I have no problem with giving him passwords etc but my concern is if he goes in there and innocently messes something up!

    I can obviously give him a set of instructions with as much of the process automatically set up as is possible, and keep my fingers crossed. However is there an easier way where he can write the article, click a button and it all gets published? I guess that this can be within the theme, or maybe using a plugin. Alternatively it might be simply impossible!

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.



    Syahir Hakim


    You can create a user account for him and set it as “Author” or “Editor”. That way he’ll be restricted to creating and publishing posts, but not much else.



    So obvious and so simple- sorry to have troubled you! Thanks for your swift response Syahir.

    Keep up the good work!!



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