Allow 3 adsense ads of different sizes, switch on and off

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    I put in an earlier post the advantages of using Quick Adsense by Quicksense. However for those using Graphene Adsense would it be possible to have…

    1. (Preferable) Total 3 add spots so that its possible to use different ads and simple leave one empty (or ause a check box – unchecked or checked to display or not display ads globally)

    2. (Alternative to 1). Or staying with 1 ad, but having 3 check boxes to display Top, Middle, Bottom and the ability to select a global display

    Would it be possible to also be able to also be able to change individually for each post and page for either 1 or 2 by checking unchecking Top. Middle Bottom for each individually from the post or page itself?



    Syahir Hakim


    The problem with ads is that there’s no way we can know where and what kind of ads poeple would use – to cover them all is just inefficient and more trouble than it’s worth. However, the theme does provide quite significant leeway on where you want to place custom content – ads included – via the Action Hooks Widget Areas feature.

    If you haven’t already used it, you should really check it out:



    OK got it thanks!

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