All posts have stopped appearing on the Home Page Pane

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    I have been running the Graphene theme for a couple of years without any problems.

    In Graphene Options under “Homepage Panes” I have “Type of content to show” set to latest posts and number of posts set to 12. This has never been changed since the web site was setup.

    Today, when I logged into the site I found that the Homepage did not have ANY posts and was blank in the area they would normally appear.

    All other elements of the site appear to be as normal and I did deselect a few plugins which were recently updated just in case one was causing the problem, but no change.

    I am running WordPress 4.8-en_GB

    You can view the problem at

    Could you please give me any ideas what could have suddenly caused this problem?



    I have also been suddenly having problems. My home displays only a blank page as if it were the mobile display — but without content. I added nothing new to my site. I’m currently using a static page, as I have for several years without problems. When I try to customize it, the live preview shows up correctly. When I go to the live site, then it’s blank again. Any ideas on what is causing this suddenly?



    Have you guys installed any new plugins? Or did WordPress automatically update plugins for you?

    Try clicking on the page that is blank in WordPress dashboard and click update. I am guessing you both already tried this.

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