Aligning Images and LaTeX Code to Bottom

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    I use LaTeX to code math for my students, and I want to align all the code images to the bottom of the sentence so they are easier to read.


    Right now, all LaTeX math looks “superscript” to the sentences they are in. It’s weird.

    Is there a way to align this (probably all images) to the bottom of the sentence they are in? If so, which CSS and what code should I update or include?



    Have you solved it already? Because it seems like the latex codes are below the sentences already.


    Syahir Hakim


    Those LaTex images have different heights (e.g. one with fraction and one without), so it’s difficult to make them all align perfectly. You can use this Custom CSS to tweak the alignment to an acceptable compromise:

    img.tex {
    vertical-align: -2px !important;

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