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    Hi Syahir Hakim and all member of the community, i use graphene theme since this summer and i think is one of the best theme ever developed for wordpress!

    I usually wait some months in order to upgrade theme and all plugin, i see ever the changelog and only when i’m sure i upgrade, in this case for example i check ever the changelog and i upgrade without any doubt eheh 🙂

    My feature request is this:

    Is possible to implement a load more post feature based on Ajax Pagination like Twitter ?

    For example like this plugin, that doesn’t work anymore for a lot of user and lot of various configuration (for example doesn’t work for custom page or custom permalink or custom wordpress installation (mysite.com/blog) ?


    It will be great and doesn’t impact on overall performance.

    Thanks for your attention



    You can use JetPack plugin’s infinite scroll module. It needs some tweaking in the the theme though. I’ve integrated it in one of my clients’ site. It’s pretty neat.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Keep in mind that this feature can be frustrating to people who are have limited bandwidth.



    Hi! Many thanks for your reply 🙂

    I know this plugin, but isn’t what i need, i don’t like an endless scrolldown. I would like a simple java ajax button that load more page for me when i press the button.



    Not just endless scroll down, there is also a click to load more posts option in that module.



    Hi Prasanna,

    I have tried to activate the Jetpack infinite scroll for the Graphene theme but it says it is not supported. Can I ask how you got it to work on the Graphene theme?

    Many Thanks



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