After updating [important] is showing some errors

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    After I updated the theme last week I noticed some display errors on this page:

    All displayed fine previously, but now the related posts are shifting (normally at the bottom of the post), and the retweets / facebook like buttons are appearing again (normally only at top of the post) all inside the [important] box. These plug ins are working fine on other pages where the [important] tags are not used.

    I can’t see any rogue html in the page’s code – any other ideas why this could be happening?

    (I have not given the plug in names as last week hackers brought down our site trying to find out which plugins we use!!)



    Hmmm, interesting. I’m not really sure what’s going on there.

    Perhaps Syahir will have an explanation.

    Let’s be patient… let’s build it… and he will come 😉




    Ok thanks Ken – trying that now – will shift further discussion on this to that thread

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