After update to 1.6.1 margins totally blown

  • siadam


    Just updated to 1.6.1 and the side margins are completely gone. Before it was a fixed site, now it’s fluid, looks like it wraps to the full width of the browser in IE9.

    However in Chromne, it is completely screwed up, nothing is aligned correctly.




    Btw, I’ve reviewed the new updates to 1.6.1 –>

    I noticed you can adjust the column width, it seems to help, but IE9 still displays full page regardless of what I do (running 2 column mode currently) and Chrome goes back to where it was again.

    Just don’t see the changes being made, and I delete the cache as well.



    Are you deleting both the cache in your browser (usually ctrl+F5) AND any cache you are using on your website.



    Yes sir. Just wondered what was different for it to make Chrome behave differently than IE9, since before the update it was ok.



    I’m unsure as to the browser compatibility circumstances. Perhaps this could be better explained by Syahir.

    Let’s await his response.



    Well, I could be held partially accountable. I have been viewing IE9 on a seperate monitor (extended desktop). The resolution was low, so it made the page stretch, I drug it over to my widescreen monitor and everything looks ok again.

    After I adjusted teh margins everything looks ok. It was mis-aligned after the initial upgrade, until I made a couple small changes w/the width and it jumped back into place.

    Just an fyi. Great forum for support though, thanks.



    Fair enough. Thanks for getting back and letting us know.

    (Marking as Resolved)

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