After latest update -duplicate images showing

  • Dusty



    I just updated the theme and the posts showing on my home page, under the slider , now have 2 images showing (duplicates)per excerpt.

    The slider images are ok and so are the images if you click into the posts.

    It’s almost as if the theme now has 2 places telling it to display those images

    I am running a child theme with these being the only changes:

    .slider_post img.tfe{



    .entry-content img{

    border:4px solid #919191;



    The problem shows up in both FireFox and IE8 and the problem showed up immediately after the update.

    I really am a novice so I have no idea where to look for a possible duplicate code or whatever it may be.

    I do have one more question I shall post separately so it’s easier to find.

    Thank you very much for this wonderful theme!


    Syahir Hakim


    The theme now supports thumbnail in excerpt natively, so you can deactivate the Thumbnail for Excerpt plugin that you’re using.

    Also, get your own gravatar here:



    Thank you Syahir that worked a treat :o) and thanks for the gravatar link I’ll pick one out in the morning

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