After installing Child theme, some plugins aren't working.

  • sghegde87


    I have installed Child Theme. Now, everything else is working fine except some plugins.

    Ex: I have installed ‘WP-Float’ plugin for a floating ‘paypal donate’ button. This was working fine before but after installing child theme, it isn’t floating. I deactivated it, removed it and even re-installed it… Still not working…

    Any idea what needs to be done?

    Thanks in Advance.



    Syahir Hakim


    How do you mean it isn’t floating?




    Perhaps it isn’t scrolls down like social buttons on the right? How did you put your “paypal donate” code? In widget? What widget? Or through plugin settings page?




    First thing.. Even Akismet plugin is not Working!!! Gosh… I had got 100s of Spam comments and was manually deleting them till now!!

    Came back to see if there is a fix for it!!

    @Syahir Hakim: Its not floating like the social media buttons on the right.. In the sense, it should constantly be in place even when I scroll the page. It was fine before. Not after installing child theme…

    @ Luko: Exactly. And its through Plugin Settings page.



    That’s strange. Do you get some error code? Plugin is obviously working if you see the “paypal button” code, but something went wrong so it’s not floating.

    When you say that Akismet is not working, what do you have under plugin options? Error code? Warnings?



    @Luko: No error code, no warnings.. Everything seems like nothing has changed but I am getting lot of spam comments for the posts which were earlier blocked by Akismet. The GUI, the settings, everything remains same except the functional part!!

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