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  • vicki.l.holmes


    New to WordPress so apology if I am just doing something incorrect. When I use a 300(w)X 250(H) affiliate banner the image is too large for the space allowed. To overcome it I have used a 125 X 125 banner but that is too small. Same happens on the 200 X 600 affiliate banner allowance. Am I doing something wrong? I am just copying the code directly from CJ into my dashboard page.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.




    Kenneth John Odle


    I’m not quite sure what CJ is, but the same thing happens with Google AdWords.

    What is happening here is that these people sell advertising space on your website to various advertisers. Because these companies are paying for this space, they exert a lot of control over the size of the ads. After all, if you paid the phone company for an ad of a certain size, you wouldn’t be very happy if it were published at only half that size.

    However, most themes simply aren’t designed around the standard size of most ads (because these do vary from ad company to ad company), so designers try to use sizes that will fit most ads. So no, you aren’t doing anything wrong. It’s just the way it is, and unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about it.

    There are a few things, however. In your case, you can wrap your ad code in <div>s and use in-line styling or a custom CSS declaration to align the ads in the center of the widget. Not perfect, but a pretty good compromise.

    You can also upgrade to Graphene 1.6, where you have some control over the width of the main content area and the sidebars, and adjust them to fit the majority of your ads. This may require placing narrow ads in one sidebar and wider ads in the other sidebar.

    You can also drop out the background of your widgets so that your ads appear to float on your page. I would provide some code for this, but you’ve disabled right clicking. (Which is really annoying, as I prefer to open links in new tabs, and completely powerless to prevent people from stealing your content, as there are multiple ways to accomplish this. Oh gosh, I’m ranting. Enough of that.)

    However, if you look at this tutorial:

    You may get some ideas about how to do that.





    Hey Ken – thanks much. Yes CJ – commission junction is like AdWords so makes sense. Ok I’ll upgrade and play with it. Disabled right click to prevent download of my photos…Ok, I’ve said it before I am new to this so probably a better way to do it…Thanks much for your help, greatly appreciated.



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