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  • LaufschuhWiesel



    since 2011 i use the graphene theme for my german advising website where users get free informations, reviews, faq, dictionary, … for running shoes.

    Until to the last, bigger update of the graphene theme i use the additional mobil theme graphene mobil neo for responsive design. But i wasn’t so happy with that because the look and feel was too different. With the last update graphene is full responsive, has a perfect look and feel on every device, is easy to use, has perfect support, … i love it very much. A very great development.

    Feedback, critique or any suggestions to improve my site are welcome.

    Thanks. Keep on running.



    Syahir Hakim


    Looking good! I would suggest to blur out the background image significantly, so that it makes the content more prominent instead of crowding it out.



    Thx for the feedback.

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