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    Kenneth John Odle


    add extensions every other day

    I suggested one at a time, but I think this is a good time frame. If you have a lot of readers, you can even go longer between “upgrades” (i.e., adding new plugins) and give them a chance to experience it, and ask for their feedback. This is far past the getting off the ground point, but just because you’ve been up and running for a while doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still be careful.

    I have thought about writing some tutorials for WP, Graphene, HTML, and CSS, but GIYF.

    (quoting myself here) Actually, I would like to write some expanded versions of some of my posts in this forum, such as this one, but generalized for WordPress or even just creating your own site. Still thinking about how this might look.



    Well, if you want my suggestion, a huge section of FAQs, perhaps even inside the Graphene FAQs Theme option could help you deal with repeated topics, like all those 373883 started threads about slider doubts around here


    Kenneth John Odle


    I’m working on a series of very basic WordPress tutorials on my blog, with lots of screenshots to guide folks along. You can view the category here. You can contact me there about what else you would like to see.


    People, would you advice how to delete or hide a white strip that covers my subtitle? My blog is Thank you for your help!



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