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  • drcharlescavanaugh


    Another user posted here about this, and I’m not sure but I think the user is referring to the same issue I’m having. The individual triangle buttons that say “Click to Toggle” when you click them don’t work, but Toggle All Options does work, and clicking anywhere in the white bars toggles them individually (drops down the area where you can change the option’s values). I think it’s just a semantic issue as to what “option” means. However, the triangle buttons don’t work for me, I have to click the white bars. Minor issue and may be specific to Chrome.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Your theme is behaving normally. The grey triangles don’t work in Firefox, either.

    The triangle simply indicates that you can click the white bar to toggle that particular option. This is because there is a title attribute attached to that triangle (the words that pop up when you hover over it). However, AFAIK, you cannot attach a title attribute to a div (which is what the white bar is), only an inline element.

    Note that it doesn’t “Toggle All Options”, but rather “Toggle all option boxes”, because each box contains one or more related options.

    I admit, however, that the triangles title attribute is a bit misleading.



    Thanks for your quick and insightful reply!

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