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    I have just installed this theme and am trying to figure out how to make it work to the way I want my blog to be.

    So I have completed the Adsense Options under the Theme options with the Adsense code and ticked display advertising.

    I don’t see where the adsense advertising is appearing?

    Do I need to add the Adsense also into a text widget and place it on a page?



    I’m interested to know this too, I’ve only just setup my adsense account and don’t really want to spam my site. I just want to place one small add on the sidebar and one in the footer. Guessing I’ll need to go down the plugin route, but figured I’d check on here first seeing as the theme has adsense support built in.

    Thanks 🙂



    Syahir Hakim


    If you just want to place a small ad on the sidebar and footer, you can just use the Text Widget and place it in the sidebar and the footer sidebar area.



    Oh cool, thanks 🙂

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