Adsense stopped working when I upgraded :(

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    I just upgraded and my adsense no longer shows up. I know it is not an adsense problem bc it is still working on the other websites I have not upgraded. is there a way I can place this code in the editor so that it shows up? Thanks!! 🙂



    Please provide a link to your website. We don’t have super powers to suggest you the fixes without visiting your site!


    #23593 Thanks! I am using wordpress and the adsnese in the widgets as texts are working but not the adsense that I put in the graphene area options sections. There should be a big square ad underneath every post



    Adsense allows only 3 ads/page. There is already 3 ad slots in the sidebar.



    There are only 2 ads, two of them are text ads which don’t count to the the 3. You can have 3 ads, 2 text ads, and 2 search ads. If it was an adsense problem it would show a big empty box where the ad should be but there is nothing. It was there before I updated but after I updated it was just gone. Thanks!



    loop.php file is broken into several files like loop-single.php , loop-post-formats.php , loop-page.php /includes/theme-loop.php etc.., So, try using graphene_show_adsense or graphene_adsense action hook under includes/theme-loop.php



    I check each one alone and together and it still doesn’t work 🙁 Is there anyway I can uninstall the update?



    You can find previous releases at:



    I am having the same issue I’m afraid – after the upgrade adsense does not show on any pages, but it does still show up in posts. I haven’t found a resolution to this yet.

    I tried some action hooks, but no joy.



    Yeah I noticed that the ads showed up on the post pages but not anywhere else 🙁

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