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    I just found and installed Graphene today at www.

    I think it’s got terrific potential to do what I need. I am a bit stuck, though, on Adsense. I added my code for a 300 x 250 box, which you see displayed 3x on the home page and then at the bottom on individual pages.

    I read a forum posting about using a wide sky by using a Text HTML box in the sidebar widget area. However, I’d like to have a bit more control of those 300 x 250 boxes – have not as many on the first page and be able to select placement for the other pages. Also, when I used the 728 x 90, it blew out to the right, in the same location as the 300 x 250 box.

    Is it possible to have more control of the location of the ads? I’m not very technical, so this might be beyond me, along with wantint to change the blue of the boxes in the right widget area to a charcoal grey.

    Thanks for any help.

    Jacky @

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