Adsense not showing up after upgraded to 1.6

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    I have the adsense option enabled and it has been showing a banner at the bottom of every page, including the home page, but after I upgraded to 1.6 that banner disappeared. I have surfed all the pages and it does show up sometime, but it used to show up every time.

    here is a screen cap of my theme setting:

    here is my website:



    Does it show up on posts? Some people having the issue of Adsense not displaying on “Pages”



    The placeholder for the ad is showing up on posts but the banner ad itself is not being shown.



    anyone else having this problem?



    The ads are still not showing up. Can someone suggest where I should go to get help?



    Syahir has fixed this issue in 1.6.1 maintenance release. Wait for it. Or, update your loop-page.php file with this one –



    Okay, I installed the update and in IE 9 the ad banner ad slot is showing 100%, but for some reason its only showing about 60% of the time in FireFox. In FF when it doesn’t show I just get a blank white ad slot.



    Do you have installed any ad blocking plugin (Ad Block Plus) in firefox?



    I have one installed but I disabled it. I will uninstall it and see if that helps.



    Okay, everything looks good now that I uninstalled the adblocker. Weird how it was blocking ads even though it was disabled.. lol

    Thank You for the help.

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