Adsense not showing on front page

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    Please can someone help me? The front page widget does not show adsense ads, but all other pages do.

    Many thanks in advance



    Please see this thread, especially this reply from Syahir. I hope it resolves your issue.

    Also, please read forum rules.

    The Graphene theme is developed and released as an open-source theme in good faith, of which the author upholds and promotes the spirit of liberty. However, I consider such liberty to be misused when the theme is used for purposes that are ethically and morally questionable and objectionable.

    I’m not sure if your site is objectionable or not. I just posted the reference since your site is only for adults..



    Thank you, I am sorry if you feel the website is objectionable. It is mealy promoting adult themed games including drinking games and games for couples. There is nothing pornographic on the site nor will there ever be! Drinking in the UK is only legal if you are 18 and over and because most of the board games are aimed at adults I have a warning on the site “Adults only”

    Thank you for your help 🙂

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