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    Hi all,

    This is a wonderful theme I am using since I started my website ( As one can notice that my AdSense ad for LeaderBoard size is going outside the width of the content area.

    I am really in need to fix this so that this ad type correctly fit in.

    Kindly suggest me what and how I can change the code/css that will serve the purpose.




    Kenneth John Odle


    Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot you can do about this. Google exercises a lot of control over their ad sizes and don’t really allow you to change them. The only real option is to choose a smaller ad size (such as a 468×60 banner) to display beneath your posts, or to go a single column display in Graphene.

    The other option would be to use an action hook to display your leaderboard at the top and bottom of the page. A bit of work, but not entirely difficult.




    Hi Kenneth,

    Thanks for the reply. I used small size LeaderBoard ad and also used the action hooks widgets available to my theme (Graphene).

    But, I have changed the theme y’day and using “Mystique” theme with Atom.

    Have a look at the resolution at

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