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    First, as many have said before, I love this theme. Very easy to use and I have zero coding experience and am almost ready to roll. My blog is currently back-ended here awaiting to be completed so that I can launch it.

    I have been looking through the previous posts regarding “Ad-Sense” and am now more confused. I have an “Adsense” account and can place ad’s in the center column of my three column site. What I can’t figure out how to do is place additional ad’s on the right, left, before content, footer, and top bar options, as well as on the bottom of the published articles.

    I have read the information regarding the “Active Hooks” and am able to figure out where those hooks actually appear but how do I actually put an advert in any of those spots?

    The “Adsense” area that was already defined in the theme seems to only allow one “code” to be entered and that appears in the center column.

    Anyone who can help please respond! Very much appreciated,

    Brian M



    Enable appropriate action hook and go to Appearance –> Widget and drag a Text/HTML widget to that action hook widget area. Then paste your Adsense code in that text widget and hit save



    O.k. so if I wanted to say, add an Adsense box on my right sidebar under a RSS feed, I simply create an ad in Adsense, copy the code, drag a “Text” box to that location under Righ side widget area, place the code in the “tex” box area and click save?







    Thank you so very much. I entered them in and have a blank white window so now just need to wait for them to generate.

    This is awesome…thanks again!



    Seems nothing is showing up except the white background. Adsense says it should only take a few minutes for new ads to appear. Still not seeing anything. I am going to wait about 30 more minutes or so and then advise again here. If you can think of anything in the meantime, please let me know.




    Clear browser cache by pressing Ctrl+F5 and check again.



    nope, still nothing. Here is exactly what I have done. I have created the ad codes from google and copied the code and then went to the “widget” page of the theme, dragged the “Text” widget to my right side bar, and added four more across the bottom as well as another on the top of the right sidebar and bottom of the right sidebar. Pasted the code that I copied from google into the text, no title on the widget, clicked save, and then close. Have waited about 5 minutes, refreshed, then cleared the cache, and nothing but a white block is showing.

    I’m lost…LOL



    URL please..

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