Adsense code not updating for graphene in theme customizer

  • KurisuYamato


    Hello everyone! I’m having an issue with my site currently, using graphene 2.0.4 – there are sub issues which may be related, but I’ll give an overview here.

    Upon updating to Graphene 2.0 (with some associated problems that got solved) I noticed that my ad code in the ads section of the graphene theme was displaying oddly. Last night, I finally decided to change the code, but discovered it would not save: any attempt to change the code would state it’s saved, but when you try to leave the page it would give the typical “do you want to leave this page? data might not be saved” error from the browser indicating data was not properly saved tothe side, even though the theme customizer will say it has been saved, and will display the updated appearance.

    Upon loading the page in a new tab, window, or browser, it will stay as it was.

    Interestingly, it seems to be a somewhat random set of Graphene options that won’t save properly – many of these being the options that allow the input of code – the analytics code input section of the theme also seems to fail to accept changes.

    I have read that this can be a general issue with conflicting plugins – I’ve tried disabling the few plugins I use on my site, and the problem still persists.

    I’ve noticed a few other people commenting on options that won’t save correctly and it makes me wonder if this is a flaw in the theme code under certain conditions, such as malformed data holding over from Graphene 1.x? I wonder this due to how only after upgrading to Graphene 2.x did I see the extra snippet of code in the ads, which was my impotus to update my code anyway.


    Of course, if requested, I’d be happy to provide any detail necessary in helping solve the issue.

    Thanks for your help!



    My apologies for double posting, but it seems the website url did not show above: in plaintext it’s

    Also, at current I am testing another ad manager and have disabled the graphene ads module – I can enable it and disable the other manager to demonstrate the issue in real-time for anyone wishing to look at it in action. Just let me know!


    Syahir Hakim


    Hi Chris,

    I am unable to reproduce this error. In our development server, both the ads and analytics code are saved correctly. The ads themselves appear correctly on the front end, as does the analytics code.

    As you have remarked, it might be due to old settings. In this case, can you try resetting the theme’s options, and then try adding the codes again? You can do this from Customizer > Graphene: Utilities. You can also export your current settings from that section as well, which you can then import later on to restore your settings.

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