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    Hi guys,

    Firstly thank you for the wonderful theme and the even better support given so far. I have benefited plenty from reading the threads here.

    I have a site at using this theme and am looking if anyone could provide a solution to an Adsense problem I’m trying to solve.

    1. I would like to use a bigger banner format. But instead of the current location, would like to make just below the navigation bar (Home, About Us..) I believe this is a more prominent position to increase revenue.

    2. The widgets on the right. Is there a way to “freeze” the widget from moving once the ads appear right at the top of the page when the user scrolls down? It’s something like the website where there are ads on the right. At a certain point the ads stay with you on the right instead of scrolling away.

    I understand there may be some modification work involved and am up for it, or willing to compensate anyone who would be willing to do it for a small sum.

    Thanks in advance!


    Syahir Hakim


    Firstly, you should probably update your theme to the latest version.

    For placing Adsense ads directly under the navigation bar, check out the Action Hooks Widget Areas feature.

    For the sticky scroll, check this out:

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