Adsense banner in Header problems.

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    I have recently started using Graphene and I am pleased with it in general 🙂

    But I have an Adsense problem too, the ad block I put in the header doesnt seem to work. ie I get clicks appearing on statcounter but none appearing in my Adsense account ? now I am aware of some clicks not registering in Adsense account due to “legitimacy of the clicks” issues but, NONE of the clicks on this 728 x 90 banner ( it is an image ad ) ad have been accepted by Adsense, I have this ad block on 2 sites and have the same problem ? Any ideas ?




    If you ask the question in AdSense support forum, chances of getting an answer/solution will be more.!forum/adsense


    Kenneth John Odle


    I have this ad block on 2 sites

    This might be your issue. You really should use separate ad code for separate sites, I believe. Check with Google to make sure.




    Not necessarily, Adsense will work, and it will register click. But from Analytics side of view it’s always better to use separate ad code on separate sites.

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