Adsense Auto Ads working properly only on posts categorized as “Uncategorized”

  • guiadpb


    I have been using Google Adsense Auto Ads with Graphene Theme for 4 months and never had any problem.

    I never set up categories for articles. New posts have always been assigned to the standard category “Uncategorized”. Last week I created several categories in WordPress interface and started to assign these new categories to all posts (approximately 360 articles), using the “Quick edit” option in the list of posts.

    After editing half of the articles, I noticed that the number of clicks and earnings decreased a lot. After a while I realized that posts taken from the “Uncategorized” category stopped showing in-page ads between paragraphs, which are the source of most clicks on my website. In-page ads have also disappeared from the list of posts on the home page. In-page ads at the top of the site, in the sidebar (Computer browser) and below the articles (mobile) continued to appear normally, although they were closer to each other, that is, they were clustered in one place because they did not appear in the middle of the article.

    When I noticed this behavior, I immediately reinserted all posts in the “Uncategorized” category, maintaining, however, the new categories associated with those posts. In-page ads reappeared immediately, both in the middle of the articles and in the middle of the list of posts on the home page. I could live with that without any problem, but I realized that not all posts were back to normal. One of them, in example, is assigned to the new categories “A”, “B”, “C”, in addition to the old “Uncategorized” category and is displaying the ads correctly. If I remove this post from category “A” OR from category “Uncategorized”, in-page ads will stop showing. If I put this post only in the “A” category OR in the “Uncategorized” category, it doesn’t work. The ads in this case only appear again if the post is inserted in both categories. There is another article that will only show Auto Ads in the middle of the text if it is assigned to categories “A”, “C” and “Uncategorized”. I just can’t identify a pattern.

    I am confused and would like some help in investigating what may be causing this behavior. I would like the ads to appear normally in all posts, regardless of the category. Is there any settings for that? What am I missing?


    Syahir Hakim


    Please provide the URL to your website so that we can take a look.

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