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    I installed this theme because it seemed quite powerful and I wanted to display adsense ads. However I cannot get them to work even though I tried everything I can think of. If I do a View Source in my browser the Analytics code is in the HTML. But when viewing Post pages nothing is visible. The blog is

    Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?



    Maybe the problem is on the side of Google AdSense, sometimes they are blocking the advertise for some reasons. Try to ask them.

    The other thing – how many ads you wanted to display?



    On a post page just 1 ad.

    I can try contacting them. But at least on the Adsense website it says the ad I created yesterday is Active.



    The code of ads is always active, you can place it somehere else (other website) to see if it works. As I said, sometimes it depends on the website, it’s content, quality ect.



    The problem was something simple and too obvious – I had an ad blocker enabled in my browser … Yep, I’m feeling dumb right about now.

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