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    If I want to add an adsense banner under the header, but above the posts for all pages, how to do that? I know I can use a text box to add adense in column.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Your best bet is to create a child theme, and then change the code in the loop.php template. Specifically, you will need to move this bit of code:

    * Display Adsense advertising for single post pages
    * See graphene_adsense() function in functions.php
    <?php if (!is_front_page() || (is_front_page() &&
    {graphene_adsense();} ?>

    to where you want it, most likely just after:

    <div class="entry clearfix">

    I could be wrong, since I’m not a PHP expert by any means, which is one of the reasons I love Graphene: I can make pretty much any alteration I want without having to create a child theme. Plus, Syahir actively supports this them. Many of the things that we would like to see, he includes in the next version.

    Be sure to read this page on the forum, which gives more specific information.

    Let me know how this goes. Good luck!


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