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    I am using graphene wordpress theme , just I got blank adcode to be pasted in my site so that google can review. The doubt is when I am placing the adcode in the area provided by grapahen in the Graphene option I can see live ads but it should not since there should be a blank ad, in that case when I right click and see view source I canot see my publisher ID within the code.

    Now when I am placing the adcode in a widget area it shows blank ad which I expect and after doing right click in the view source I can see the full ad code what I pasted with mu publisher ID.

    I am confused which way I should paste the code, in the first way or in the second way.

    Whether the publiasher ID should be visible so that google can start reviewing my site what is not happening in the first way.



    Hi snigdha sagar,

    I hope you don’t mind me replying but I was wondering the same thing a few months ago when I first signed up for Adsense.

    I just popped my Adsense Code into a widget in a spot that I thought would suit the design of my site. I left it in that space for a few days and got approval from Google. Eventually, I decided that I wanted my ads into a different spot so I moved the code from one widget to another and there was no problem.

    I really don’t know if the first way or the second way is the “right way” but I can definitely tell you that the above process worked for me, and I had no issues whatsoever.

    I do hope that this helps you out.


    Sharon 🙂

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