Admin Area Hanging?

  • KevinFG


    For some reason my admin area Theme Options just hangs and hangs. Latest WordPress, and I just updated the theme as well. However, I noticed it starting last week, so it’s not necessarily the latest Graphene that’s causing it.

    FWIW, the browser bar seems to indicate it’s waiting on PayPal, but I have 2 other sites that I have upgraded successfully without issue with Graphene.

    I’ve tried a delete/reinstall of the theme, and the latest WordPress files.

    Any thoughts?



    Try temporarily disable all the plugins. Then clear your browser cache.



    BAH! So simple, elegant, and brilliant. How did I not think of that. Thank you, Prasanna. I’ll report back if I figure out which Plug In causes the issue.



    🙂 I hope you will reactivate plugins one by one..

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