Admin Area Hanging?

  • KevinFG


    For some reason my admin area Theme Options just hangs and hangs. Latest WordPress, and I just updated the theme as well. However, I noticed it starting last week, so it’s not necessarily the latest Graphene that’s causing it.

    FWIW, the browser bar seems to indicate it’s waiting on PayPal, but I have 2 other sites that I have upgraded successfully without issue with Graphene.

    I’ve tried a delete/reinstall of the theme, and the latest WordPress files.

    Any thoughts?

    Prasanna SP


    Try temporarily disable all the plugins. Then clear your browser cache.



    BAH! So simple, elegant, and brilliant. How did I not think of that. Thank you, Prasanna. I’ll report back if I figure out which Plug In causes the issue.

    Prasanna SP


    🙂 I hope you will reactivate plugins one by one..

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